Skateboarder Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

Even if we are not at fault in an accident, we are required by law to stop our vehicle, exchange information and provide reasonable assistance to those who are injured.

Hit and Run Accident Skateboarder Injured

“Skateboarder injured by hit-and-run driver.” (photo credit:

Unfortunately, that did not happen when a 22-year-old skateboarder was struck by an unknown driver in San Diego last Sunday.

According to San Diego Police, the hit-and-run accident happened when the skateboarder, who entered the intersection of Olney Street and Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach on a red light, was struck by an unidentified vehicle at about 3:00 am.

The skateboarder sustained huge lacerations and broken leg from the vehicle accident.

It is weird that the vehicle did not stop.

By the reports coming out, it looks like the accident is more the skateboarder’s fault for entering the intersection on a red light.

If the skateboarder did file a personal injury claim against the driver, it would have been up to his insurance company to take care of it and they would probably work hard to prove that the accident was indeed the skateboarder’s fault.

In any case, it is fortunate that the skateboarder did not sustain more serious injuries.

As of now, the San Diego police have not released any description of the hit-and-run vehicle.

However, if you have information on the accident, you might want to call the San Diego Police at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154

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