Solo-Vehicle Crash Causes People to Suffer from Blackout

car accident driver injured after hitting power_pole

A female driver got injured and consequently caused a blackout after hitting a power pole in Costa Mesa (Photo Credit:

Vehicle accidents are not only a threat to drivers, but also to people who live near the accident area.

In fact, a recent solo-vehicle crash in Costa Mesa caused almost 80 Southern California Edison customers to suffer from a blackout.

According to reports, a female driver hit a power pole along Monrovia and 19th Street. She was trapped inside the vehicle and was extricated by rescue workers, including seventeen firefighters.

The unnamed driver sustained injuries in the crash. She was rushed to a trauma center to receive medical treatment.

The accident did not result in fatalities, but it greatly affected customers who are residing or running a business near the scene.

Hopefully, the driver will see the impact or effects of her actions to other people.

She should be more careful when driving in order to avoid car accidents.

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