Speeding Motorcyclist Causes Chain Motorcycle Crash

Speed plays an important role in maintaining the safety of motorists.

Speed limits imposed in each area are dictated by expected volume of traffic and pedestrians passing through. So, motorists should never underestimate its importance and abide by traffic laws in order to avoid liability in traffic accidents.

A recent motorcycle accident that resulted to two fatalities and left two people seriously injured near Jeffrey Road is said to be caused by a speeding rider.

Reports show that a northbound 2007 Suzuki was speeding along Santiago Canyon around 4:30 pm when its rider, identified as 60-year-old Kent Alexander Carter of Canyon Heights, veered and crossed into the southbound lanes.

The front end of the Suzuki was hit by an approaching 1999 Honda that was going about 50mph ridden by 24-year-old Miles McCune of Mission Viejo before it was again hit by a 2007 Honda.

The Honda driver identified as Anthony Mendoza, 24, and his passenger, 25-year-old Michelle Oelhafen were thrown from the motorcycle. They were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Unfortunately, Carter and McCune died from the crash.

Accidents caused by speeding are continually increasing. Fatal accidents similar to this can be avoided if only riders would be more cautious and mindful of traffic laws and regulations.

We are hoping for Mendoza’s and Oelhafen’s quick recovery.

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