Street Race Ends Up in Injuries, Amputated Legs

Two men in their 20s were taken to a local hospital after they were ejected from their vehicle near downtown San Diego recently. Authorities said that the red Mustang was racing with two other vehicles along I-5 when the driver failed to safely take the ramp to SR-94.

Street Racing Red Mustang

Street Racing Red Mustang

The red Mustang reportedly hit the guardrails as the driver lost control over it. The vehicle rolled over and rested on its roof as the passenger and the driver were both ejected from their vehicle. One of them is said to have both of his legs severed while the other was also seriously injured.

We’ve seen a lot of cases wherein street races resulted to fatalities. Young drivers may feel invincible while they are driving at high speeds, but, keep in mind that vehicle accidents DO happen and motorists must never overestimate their driving skills.

Sadly, these men have to learn their lessons in a tragic and painful way but hopefully what happened to them will bring awareness to other young drivers who are into street racing.

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