Super Bowl Sunday Produces 42 DUI Arrests

Nothing like a Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Super Bowl XXXVIII

Super Bowl XXXVIII

As the nation celebrated (or mourned) the win of the Saints over the Colts, dozens of checkpoints were put up by various law enforcement agencies to apprehend those stupid enough to get behind the wheel.

And drunk drivers in Orange County did not disappoint.

Under the anti-DUI Task force called “Avoid the 38,” the CHP and other Sheriff’s and local police departments were able to make at least 42 DUI arrests.

The police learned their lesson as 11 people were reportedly killed in DUI related car accidents from last year’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Aside from those deaths, about 160 people were also injured in alcohol related incidents.

The Sheriff’s Department actually released some tips for those who plan to drink on Super Bowl Sunday, but I think it applies to any other DUI heavy weekends like Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve.

So here are some tips that you can follow when you plan to have a drink, Super Bowl Sunday or otherwise.

• Designate a sober driver in advance
• Serve lots of food and non-alcoholic drinks
• When watching a game, stop serving alcohol at the end of the 3rd quarter and start serving coffee and dessert.
• Take the keys from anyone thinking of driving drunk
• Call a cab, or call a family member of anyone who cannot be driven home by the designated driver
• Buckle up!!

Remember, the party host can be held liable if someone you served alcohol ends up in a DUI related car accident.
Just so you know:)

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