Suspected Drunk Driver Injures Two CHP officers

car accident driver crashes into CHP car

Two CHP officers were injured after a suspected drunken driver slammed his vehicle into their parked patrol car

Some drunk drivers try to elude authorities by maintaining a low key as they try to avoid accidents while driving. However, there are unfortunate ones who get into accidents with the very people they should be wary about: the highway patrol officers.

Two California Highway Patrol officers were injured after a suspected drunk driver rammed into their parked patrol car near Santa Fe Springs recently.

Officers Raliegh Quinones and Jeremy Tolen were said to be seated inside the patrol car after parking behind a disabled SUV on the shoulder of Interstate 605 at around 11:20 pm when they were hit by the intoxicated driver.

Lazaro Ramirez was going about 65 mph on his pickup when he rear-ended the patrol car pushing it into the unoccupied SUV in front of it. The impact sent the patrol car back to traffic where it was hit by another motorist.

The two officers and Ramirez luckily sustained only minor injuries while the other motorist was not injured in the accident. Ramirez was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving.

This unfortunate accident highlights the dangers that CHP officers face each time they get in their patrol cars. They are lucky that they only sustained minor injuries as this accident could have been a lot worse especially had Ramirez was speeding.

Also, it shows that even parked vehicles on the shoulder of the road are not safe as reckless, and possibly intoxicated, drivers can easily hit them.

We hope for the officers’ fast recovery from their injuries!

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