Suspected Valentine’s Day Robbers killed in Short Car Chase

The hearts of two robbery suspects stopped beating on Valentine’s Day after their vehicle smashed into a parked vehicle along south of downtown Los Angeles while they were being chased by the police.

Valentine’s Day Dead

Suspected Robbers killed on Valentine’s Day.

Reports stated that the two suspects who were identified as Christian Francisco, 20, and Charlie Francisco, 18, both from L.A., stole merchandise from a street vendor selling V-Day gift baskets along the sidewalk at Adams Boulevard and San Pedro Street.

The victims were able to call 911 and police immediately responded to the area.

When the two men saw the approaching patrol cars, they sped away from the scene in a Nissan and started a police chase.

Police said the pursuit ended when their vehicle suddenly smashed into a parked vehicle along 27th Street and Central Avenue. Both men were thrown off from the vehicle and were announced dead at the accident area.

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