SUV Driver Dies after Hitting Trees in Visalia

Seatbelts are used to prevent drivers and passengers from being thrown off the vehicle when an accident happens. This safety feature was installed in vehicles in the aim of protecting people when their vehicle hits a stationary object or another vehicle.

Seatbelt SUV driver dies

SUV Driver Dies after Hitting Trees in Visalia. (photo credit:

A male 1995 Honda Passport driver who failed to use his seatbelt died when he was ejected from his vehicle after veering off the road and hitting two trees along north of Visalia.

According to reports, the unidentified driver, who is in his early 30s, was moving northbound on Road 108 near Avenue 336 at an excessive speed when the accident occurred.

Speeding may have caused the accident while the driver’s failure to wear his seatbelt may have resulted in his death. This accident may hopefully teach other drivers the importance of following the imposed speed limits and wearing of seatbelts when traveling.

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