SUV Exits Car Wash, Crashes into Store

Even while inside a store, a person is still not completely safe from accidents involving vehicles. In fact, there have been cases wherein a vehicle crashes into a store, damages the property, and even injures those inside it.

Vehicle Accident SUV Crash into Sears store

“An SUV exiting a car wash lost control and crashed into a Sears store, no one is injured in the vehicle accident.” (photo credit:

In this recent accident though, no one was reportedly injured.

A driver was reportedly exiting a car wash at Tanen Street and Soscol Avenue through its automatic rails when he lost control of the vehicle as it accelerated unexpectedly and crashed into a store in front of the car wash.

Luckily, the driver and passenger of the car as well as other people in the store were not hurt in this vehicle accident in Napa city but the driver will likely compensate the damages to the store which resulted from the accident.

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