Teen Seriously Injured after Driving through Barricades

Drivers should be cautious and alert for warnings they might encounter especially at night. Also, they must keep their speed within limits so that they can easily change their course and have time to decide when faced with these scenarios.

A 17-year-old girl had to be extricated from her pick-up truck near Solamar Drive after being stuck in an excavating machine. The girl reportedly drove through barricades and chain-linked fence shortly before 1 am recently.

It is said that she drove about 2,100 feet past warnings of a closed road ahead because of an on-going construction since February.

The teen got into the accident on the way back to her family camping in Carlsbad State Beach after heading home to feed their cat.

She was airlifted to a hospital to be treated for her serious injuries. Her identity and condition is yet to be released.

These accidents could have been caused by a lot of factors. There may be brake problems in her Ford F-150 or the girl may be distracted or fatigued as the accident happened very late.

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