Teen Tries To Avoid Robbery, Dies when Hit by Car

A teen who tried to avoid being robbed by a bicyclist ended up losing his life when he was hit by a car along Canoga Park in Los Angeles.

Reports stated that Miguel Alvarenga, 18, was found unconscious in the 20600 block of Sherman Way. He was reportedly approached by a male bicyclist who tried to forcefully take his belongings.

A passing vehicle hit him as he was trying to flee by running along the street. The teen was brought to a hospital under critical condition.

According to reports, he died a day after the incident due to his injuries.

Authorities are now looking for the bicyclist who fled after the fatal accident.

It is natural that people would want to protect their money and other belongings, but risking their life just to do is should not be the answer.

Hopefully, the bicyclist will be captured so that the teen’s loved ones may be able to move on from this tragic accident.

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