Three People Injured After Car Smashes into Restaurant in Northridge

At least three people were injured after a car smashed through a restaurant in Northridge this afternoon.

Car smashes into restaurant in Northridge

“Car Slams into Fast Food Restaurant.” (photo credit:

According to LAPD, a white Nissan Altima plowed through Gyros and Pizza House at a strip mall in 18112 Parthenia Street.

The impact was so great that patrons on the next shop thought it was an earthquake.

Two diners were seriously injured and had to be brought to Northridge Hospital.

Fortunately, they are now in stable condition.

One diner sustained minor injuries from flying glass.

The 20-year-old female who was driving the Nissan told police that she was turning into the parking lot when a van cut her off.

It is not clear if she mistaken the gas pedal for the brakes to avoid the car accident.

The girl and her passengers were not injured in the crash.

While It may have been an honest mistake by the female driver, she can still be held liable for the injuries of the three diners.

Hopefully she will do the right thing and take care of the medical expenses of the victims.

Besides, it should be covered under her car accident insurance policy anyway.

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