Two Men Killed In Separate Muni Train Accidents

The San Francisco Police Department is investigating two separate Muni train accidents that claimed two men’s life this week.

Train Accident Muni Trapped

“Scene of the incident at Mission & Beale streets in San Francisco on Wednesday.” (photo credit:

The first incident happened last Wednesday when 49 year-old Scott Whitsett was struck and pinned under a Muni bus at about 11 am near the intersection of Mission and Beale Streets.

According to reports, Whitsett just stepped out onto the street after the first Muni bus passed by when he was struck by the second bus before it crashed into the first.

Whitsett went under the carriage where he was pinned.

Hydraulics had to be used to lift the bus and remove Whitsett from the scene; he was taken to SF General Hospital where he was pronounced dead before noon.

The second incident happened yesterday at about 4:39 pm when a still unidentified man was struck and killed by a Muni train near Castro Street Station.

Authorities said the reason why the man was on the tracks was still unclear.

Our prayer goes out to the families of the victims.

We also hope that the Muni administrators would do more to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

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