Two Officers and Prisoners Uninjured when Police Car Hit by SUV

car accident 2 police officer prisoners uninjured

2 police officers and a number of prisoners were fortunately uninjured after their vehicle was struck by an SUV (Photo Credit:

At least two police officers and prisoners fortunately escaped from injures after the police car they were riding in was struck by a SUV in Orange County.

However, the female SUV driver was not as lucky as them. Reports said she was hurt when her Jeep Cherokee rolled over after hitting the police car along southbound on Batavia Street. The collision occurred after the driver allegedly failed to stop at a red light.

In this case, the female driver was the one who paid the consequences of her actions.

After the collision, she was hospitalized in order to receive medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries, said reports.

According to witnesses, the police car’s sirens and lights were not in use when the accident occurred.

We hope that the driver will be able to fully recover from her injuries.

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