Two-Vehicle Crash Ends Up In Brutal Stabbing

It is natural that a person who was involved in a car crash would get mad or annoyed due to the problems he will probably face due to the incident. However, letting your anger control your actions can lead to bigger problems.

Oakland car crash prompts stabbing

"Two-Vehicle Crash Ends Up In Brutal Stabbing." (photo credit: bp.blogspot)

A recent two-vehicle collision sent a person to the hospital with injuries that were not sustained in the crash, but from a brutal stabbing that followed it.

According to reports, an accident that occurred along Golf Links Road and Scotia Avenue in Oakland caused a passenger in one of the vehicles involved to stab a person inside the other vehicle.

Authorities have arrested the suspect, said reports.

Instead of facing minor problems like having a vehicle repaired, the suspect will likely face jail time or paying a big fine after he has let his emotions dictate his actions.

Hopefully, other drivers will not follow the passenger’s example, especially now that they were given an idea regarding the possible consequences of doing such harsh actions.

One thought on “Two-Vehicle Crash Ends Up In Brutal Stabbing

  1. Reports like that tends to make me so unhappy, I know it is really cleache to ask if we could all simply get along, but how much more of this stuff are people going to put up with?

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