Unborn Child Killed in Harvard Heights Car Accident

Our heart goes to the woman in this news item we found on cbs2.com.

According to reports, the eight month pregnant woman lost her unborn child after being injured in a car accident in Harvard Heights.

She was a passenger in a car that allegedly made an “unsafe left turn” and collided with a lunch truck and another vehicle in the intersection of South West Avenue and West Washington Boulevard.

She was brought to a hospital where her child was pronounced dead.

I am single and have no kids so I can’t pretend that I know what she is going through right now.

But I know that she must really be heartbroken over this tragedy.

The reports did not say the relationship of the woman to the driver but he or she can be held liable (at least civilly) for the injuries of the woman and the death of her unborn child.

We hope that she can recover from this tragedy soon.

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