US Air Show Death Toll Up by 10

Almost famous.

The pilot of the crashed P-51 plane must have thought of fame before losing control of the aircraft and plummeted into the spectators.

Sadly, he had not heard applause of admiration, but cries of pain on his last breath.

According to reports, a pilot of World War II-era Mustang plane participated in the National Championship Air Races on Friday. While performing at full speed, he lost control of the plane and it crashed down into the crowd.

At least 10 spectators have been killed in the plane crash as of Monday, reports said.

Reports said the P-5 Mustang plunged into the front section of the box seats, causing fatal and serious injuries to at least 65 spectators.

According to reports, seven onlookers died instantly after the crash while three others succumbed to their injuries while being treated at Renown hospital and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center respectively.

Reports said four out of the 65 victims were still listed in critical condition as of Monday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) affirmed its efforts on retrieving memory cards from the crash scene, which could help identify the causes of events. The agency is expected to release its accident report by Friday.

The spectators must have been anticipating for a signature stunt from the veteran pilot. Sadly, the aircraft collapsed and failed to fulfill the crowd’s request. The air show ended with a tragic scene of lives loss and a fatal retirement of a once-admired aviator.

Airplane accident usually occurs because of mechanical failure or pilot error. Defective aircraft parts often go unnoticed until smoke or navigation difficulty triggers. When the pilot has insufficient time or skill to correct the technical problem, crash happens and injuries can be sustained by both the pilot and people on the ground.

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