Villaraigosa’s Arm in Cast after Accident

After the Saturday night bike accident, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went back to work Monday with his right arm in a cast and assured his constituents that he will try to finish his schedule for this week.

Bicycle Accident Mayor Villaraigosa

Bicycle Accident Mayor Villaraigosa. (photo credit:

The accident occurred along a bike lane on Venice Boulevard as the mayor made his first bike ride after being elected. Reports show that the mayor was riding with his security detail when a taxicab abruptly pulled in front of him causing him to apply brakes and fall off his bike.

Villaraigosa hit his head first but was wearing a helmet so he did not sustain any head injuries. He did, however, broke his right elbow in the fall prompting an operation at the UCLA Medical Center the following day.

The mayor’s office earlier said that the cab driver didn’t violate any traffic laws but he failed to make sure that the biker is safe by using his signal light before pulling in front of Villaraigosa.

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