Woman Die After Crossing PCH Illegally

When a pedestrian crosses the street out of the marked lane, he or she will have a hard time asserting maximum compensation for injuries. Her own negligent act of crossing illegally reduces or forfeits his or her right on legal remedy.

Take the case of a woman who was killed after crossing the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) illegally on Saturday at 10:35 p.m.

According to reports, the woman was crossing out of the marked lane at north of Sunset Boulevard when a car driver struck her. She was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but she succumbed to her injuries.

Los Angeles police officers commented that the driver stopped at the scene and was not charged of any violation yet. Authorities are still investigating the details on the cause of accident, reports said.

The woman should have used the crosswalk in obedience to safety traffic rules. However, her own negligent act may weaken her legal arguments when she starts asserting for damages.

The car driver may present defenses before the court that he or she is not expecting a pedestrian out of the way because there is no crosswalk at the scene. The motorist may also contest percentage of or any compensation for the victim.

Such is the result when the pedestrian is not abiding the law at the time of crash. The court may not be able to decide in favor of the victim because his or her own negligent act contributed or caused the accident.

Crossing the street illegally is a violation of safety traffic rules and may weaken any claim for legal compensation.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Die After Crossing PCH Illegally

  1. This incident is only one of the fatal repercussions an individual can suffer due to neglect of safety traffic rules. What happened must serve as warning to everyone. Traffic regulations are not difficult to abide, anyway.

  2. This is a case that I can say happens in any part of the world. Every hour maybe there’s an accident like this. We must really remind ourselves to be more attentive when crossing along the streets. Safety must come first. Avoid being a victim of yourself.

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