Woman Dies in Crash while Eating at Restaurant

Accidents can really harm anyone, anywhere, at any given time.

car_accident 52 year old woman died after car crashed into restaurant

Martha Peña, 52, was killed after a car crashes into a Highland Park Restaurant where she was eating (photo credit: LATimes.com)

Even if the victim is inside a house or in a restaurant eating with his family, he can still be a victim of an accident, even a collision.

An example would be the recent accident involving a 52-year-old woman eating with his son and husband inside a restaurant in Highland Park.

Reports show that an unidentified motorist crashed into the wall of a restaurant injuring patrons including Martha Peña and her family.

Witnesses say that Peña was hit by the vehicle and was thrown some 20 feet off her seat.

Peña’s husband and son, as well as another customer of the restaurant were also injured in the fatal vehicular accident.

Authorities say that the driver passed a field sobriety test but it is very likely that he will still face charges because of the accident.

There are a lot of plausible explanations as to why the driver crashed into the wall of the restaurant.

One of which is that he could have mistaken gas for brake pedals which had happened to numerous drivers before.

Another reason is that the driver could have simply lost control of his vehicle and so it crashed into the wall.

Whatever the reason may be, the driver still should have been more careful as he will ultimately be held liable for his negligence.

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