Woman Gives Birth in Car after Accident that Injured Two

A woman had given birth inside her vehicle after she was stuck in traffic because of an accident along Interstate 5 recently.

Woman gives birth in car after accident

California Highway Patrol Officer Jose Contreras looks inside what is left of a Honda that was broken down on northbound Interstate 5, just north of Highway 52. (photo credit: Howard Lipin / Union-Tribune)

The California Highway Patrol reported that the accident that injured two men who were looking under the hood of their vehicle occurred on the center median of the Interstate 5’s northbound lanes.

The men, ages 27 and 30, was said to be checking their broken-down vehicle when a silver vehicle rammed it. One of the men was unconscious and suffered serious head injuries after the impact threw them into the air. The other man had broken his leg and was also brought to the hospital.

The driver of the silver sedan will likely be held liable for the accident as she, for unknown reasons, let her vehicle drift to the center median where the vehicle of the two men was resting. After the collision, another driver was unable to swerve away from the silver vehicle and crashed into it.

Both drivers were injured but are expected to recover.

As authorities investigated the accident, the traffic was jammed and so a pregnant woman on her way to see her doctor got stuck on the westbound lanes of Route 52. She decided to exit the freeway and head to the Regents Road where she rested on the parking lot of Marian Bear Memorial Park.

The woman delivered a baby girl with the assistance of her friend as paramedics had trouble getting to her because of the traffic jam.

Both the woman and her baby were taken to a hospital though they reportedly appeared to be in good condition.

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