Wrongful Death Suit over Killed Fetus Against UFC Star Rampage Jackson Dropped

UFC star and now Hollywood actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson can finally get over his infamous (and embarrassing) monster truck chase last 2008.

Wrongful Death Quinton Rampage Jackson

"Quintin Rampage Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit dropped." (photo credit: blogs.bet.com)

The wrongful death lawsuit filed against Rampage by a woman named Holi Griggs claiming that the collision with his car caused her miscarriage has just been dropped.

The lawsuit claimed that Rampage repeatedly rammed her car during the crazy police chase and it caused the death of the fetus.

Although Rampage was later arrested, further investigations determined that the car accident was not the cause of her miscarriage.

Griggs officially dropped her lawsuit but it was unclear if there was a settlement with Jackson (although we would not be surprised if there is).

Now Rampage can go back to what he does best… Playing Mr. T (B.A. Baracus) on the new A-Team movie.

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