Families of Victims in Jenni Rivera’s Plane Crash File Wrongful Death Claim

A few weeks after the news broke about the plane crash that killed Los Angeles-based singer Jenni Rivera and four other passengers, the families of the said victims have reportedly filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the old Learjet and the late singer’s corporation.

As reported, court documents revealed the reason why Jenni Rivera’s Enterprises, the late singer’s company, was also named in the lawsuit. Allegedly, the corporation was responsible in negligently choosing the 43-year-old Learjet 25 to transport the team from Monterey, Mexico to an airport in the Mexico City suburb of Toluca.

Other defendants named in the lawsuit are the current owners of the Learjet 25, Starwood Management LLC, Rodartz Financial Group Inc., and McOco Inc.

The lawsuit reportedly claimed that the above-said companies are aware that the pilot and his co-pilot were not licensed to fly the Learjet above 18,000 feet or with paying passengers. In fact, they didn’t even have the necessary training and were therefore, not eligible to safely fly the plane.

Moreover, records from the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that the same Learjet had been damaged in a 2005 landing accident at Amarillo International Airport in Texas.

So far, the main cause of the accident is currently under investigation. Reports said the probe will likely take more than a year before the safety board would be able to reveal the results of the investigation.

The lawsuit was filed before the Los Angeles County Superior Court following the death of Jenni Rivera and her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her make-up artist, Jacobo Yebale, her hairstylist, Jorge Amando “Gigi” Sanchez Vasquez, Atty. Mario Macias Pacheco, and the pilot and co-pilot.

Meanwhile, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles understands that the death of a loved one is painful and it becomes even more painful when it is caused by somebody else’s negligence. However, pain and suffering should not hinder the decedent’s family from pursuing a claim for the sake of their loved ones. Instead, they must keep on seeking the right justice for their relative’s death and for their right to receive just monetary compensations as well.

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