Families of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Victims to Receive $8M from a State University

A jury ruled on Wednesday that families of the victims from the 2007 fatal shooting in Virginia Tech will receive $8 Million from the said state university.

The lawsuit was filed by the respective families of two killed students of Virginia Tech, Erin Paterson and Julia Pryde, for the university’s alleged failure to notify students about the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, who was on the loose at the university.

The April 16, 2007 massacre actually started in a dormitory where two students were shot and killed. Despite having been informed about the incident, the school officials failed to notify and alert the students about the foregoing disturbance.

At a later time, Cho shot and killed thirty more students before pointing the gun on and killing himself. Peterson and Pryde were among the 32 people killed in the grisly campus massacre.

Virginia Tech’s lawyer for wrongful death claimed affirmed that the university officials did not alert the students since they believed that it was just an isolated incident.

Said shooting was said to be the most fatal shooting not only in the university’s history, but in the entire US history as well.

In their lawsuit, the victims’ families claimed that the university’s failure to warn the students about the prior killing of two students led to the wrongful death of more innocent students. Meanwhile, the university, through its representative, said that there was no sufficient evidence for the plaintiffs’ allegations.

In the last hearing, jurors took three hours before deciding on the victims’ families’ favor, according to a news report. Both families will receive $4 million each.

Recently, a motion to reduce the lawsuit award has been filed by Virginia Tech’s lawyer and quoted a state law that covers jury awards at $100,000.

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