Insomnia Experts Testifies in Ongoing Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial

person with insomniaAs Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial reached its eight week in court, latest development of the case showcased an insomnia expert to testify, media sources said.

Fortunately for the King of Pop’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and his kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, recent development of the said case is apparently moving on their side. This is after insomnia expert Dr. Charles Czeisler took the witness stand during a recent trial.

According to reports, the said medical authority testified that the pop music icon possibly suffered from an undiagnosed sleep disorder, which resulted to his overdose death in June, 2009.

Czeisler has further claimed that the singer was more than sleep deprived. In fact, in his opinion, MJ had a total sleep deprivation and that his body was wasted.

Apparently, Czeisler reportedly blame Propofol for MJ’s sleep problem. The surgical anesthetic Propofol gave the singer an illusion that he slept, but the way the substance worked, his brain likely failed to shut off to let the body rest. Jackson did not get restorative sleep.

The Harvard researcher assessed that the amount of Propofol administered every night to MJ was enormous. Based on pharmacy records, he apparently received more than 4 gallons of Propofol in less than three months – enough for more than 7,000 major surgeries.

In response to Czeisler’s testimony, AEG’s lawyer raised a question about the concert promoter’s role with the singer’s death. The lawyer asked if Czeisler expects a concert promoter to diagnose a sleep disorder. Czeisler said that if the concert promoter was aware that the artist was having difficulty in sleeping, then he could definitely expect the same to get the artist a treatment.

Meanwhile, on a related article, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who has been keeping an eye with the ongoing trial learned that when it comes to caring for his own health, MJ was reluctant in receiving recommendations of other doctors to seek sleep disorder specialist. Therefore, no other physicians other than Murray were given a chance to help him with his problem.


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