Is Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Finally Justified After Conrad Murray’s 4-Year Jail Sentence?

Conrad Murray

The four-year prison sentence of Michael Jackson’s personal physician seems to be too short as a sanction for the celebrity’s wrongful death. Nonetheless, four year period is the maximum jail sentence allowed under the law in relation to Jackson’s death.

The said jail sentence was delivered by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. Judge Pastor has said that he had hard time on determining the proper sentence for Murray using his sense of decency and fairness.

Jackson’s family seems satisfied with the Judge’s resolution last Tuesday ignoring the pleas for leniency of the defense.

Convicts with good behavior may lessen the actual time served to two years. However, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, Murray is neither eligible for early release nor for electronic monitoring or house arrest, that some county prisoners receive under a federal court order that aims to avoid jail overcrowding since Murray does not meet their requirements for any kind of consideration.

Though four years is quite a while, with that sentence, Murray is more likely to suffer for the rest of his life due to the loss of his chosen career and bad effect of the conviction.

Murray’s defense lawyer explained that after the conviction, in whatever career Murray might choose, whether he is a barista or salesperson, he would still be the man that killed Michael Jackson for the rest of his life.

After his conviction and until present Murray still keep on saying he is not guilty for any wrongdoing.

According to court papers, for two months Murray is giving Jackson profofol each night to put Jackson to sleep in a reckless and improper manner until Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Propofol is commonly used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

In a court statements read by a lawyer, the Jackson’s family has said that they were not seeking revenge but just want a sentence that would serve as a reminder to all physicians that they cannot render their services without upholding their Hippocratic Oath.

Apparently, Jackson’s family is pretty much pleased with Murray’s sentence based on their statements. As for Murray, it’s not the duration of the sentence that matters but the bad impression of the people as well as the huge effect of the conviction into his entire life would definitely make him feel miserable.

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