Music Producer Finally Settles Wrongful Death Claim Filed by Mother of Murdered Actress

lana clarksonLegendary music producer Phil Spector finally settled the wrongful death claim filed against him by the mother of the murdered actress, Lana Clarkson.

It can be recalled that Spector was convicted for killing Lana Clarkson inside his house nine years ago.

Now, Spector had reached an agreement with the actress’ mother, Donna Clarkson. However, the terms of the settlement was kept undisclosed, according to Clarkson’s wrongful death lawyer. The mother’s lawyer further added in a news report that Donna Clarkson was pleased and relieved after she and Spector finally signed the confidential agreement.

Spector was jailed for 15 years after being found guilty for second degree murder with an additional 4 years for personally handling a gun.

Originally, Spector tried to establish a defense against the lawsuit. He even pleaded to the US Supreme Court to review his murder conviction. Nevertheless, his efforts were proved futile until he agreed to put in place the said settlement.

Neither Spector nor his insurance company lawyer gave any comments regarding the settlement and both couldn’t be reached for further details.

A wrongful death claim stems from a number of situations, including murder. When a wrongful death has occurred, the victim’s survivors or immediate family members are entitled to receive compensation from the person who caused the wrongful death.

Donna Clarkson’s move to hire a very good lawyer to handle her daughter’s case was an intelligent move. Her  wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles provided her with efficient and legal assistance that strengthened her case and gave her the most favorable results possible. Hence, for those who are in the same situation as Clarkson, they could learn a lot from her on how to win a wrongful death case with the aid of a competent lawyer.

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