Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Pasadena Police Involves Racial Discrimination

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parent of a slain student in Pasadena, a racial discrimination issue was involved.

Kenneth MacDade and Anya Slaughter filed a wrongful death claim against Pasadena police following the death of their son, Kendrec McDade, last March 24.

McDade was allegedly shot to death by the Pomana police after a report from the 911 caller, Oscar Carillo, saying that he was robbed by two armed men.

After receiving the call, the police immediately responded to the crime scene in their belief that McDade was really armed. Thus, upon spotting McDade in an alley, in one wrong move by McDade, he was shot by the arresting police officers multiple times in his chest.

Witnesses said McDade was trying to talk to the police while he was being handcuffed when he started to tremor. He was brought to the hospital but died afterwards. Apparently, it was too late when the police realized that McDade was not armed at all.

The police blamed Carillo for calling 911 and giving erroneous information. Therefore, the police, trying to cover up their wrongdoing, subsequently arrested Carillo, whom eventually admitted that he lied about the gun.

In their lawsuit, McDade’s parents claim that their son’s death was just a part of a pattern of abuse and killings of black people who go under police custody in the city.

The police officers named in the lawsuit are Phillip Sanchez, Keith Gomez, Jeffrey Newlen, and Matthew Griffin.

McDade’s father also claimed that obviously, he can no longer put his trust in the system that seems to not work for them.

Although McDade’s father is angry with Carillo for threading lies that led to his son’s death, he is more than disappointed with the police since they were the ones who shot his son, and not Carillo.

At present, no comment has been released by the city attorneys since they haven’t seen the lawsuit, according to Pasadena spokesperson Tim McGillivray.

Definitely, the defendants would go to great extent to cover up their wrongdoing. Therefore, McDade’s family must seek for an attorney, like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, to guide them in this difficult process of litigation and somehow ease their emotional burden brought by the loss of their loved one.

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